Skill Training Projects

Upon realisation of the financial difficulty and the unemployment nature of most of the widows, GCM decided to embark on skill training workshops to equip them with skills. These projects include:


Some widow groups were brought together to be trained in soap making. They comprised of some widows and some matured orphans and they learned how to make Bar and liquid soap. They went back home with soap for their family use and skills to do something similar for sale. Here are some of the pictures showing the processes.

Gari Processing

The ministry trained some widows in gari-making in Kumasi, Ghana. A resource person from one of the prominent gari processing factories in Kumasi was invited to teach the members the processes that they go through to prepare gari using the local cassava that we use everyday.


Some widow groups were trained in the making of natural fresh pineapple drink and fresh orange drink. We use these natural fruits in skill training workshops for them to acquire the skills, to enable them undergo some income generating venture at home to raise extra funds to support themselves. When these fruits are in abundance, they are very cheap and the widows can make use of them.


We organised a jam making project for some widows from three widow groups. We prepared mango jam and distributed them among the members to take home and enjoy with their children. It was skill training workshop with its main objective being, learning how to prepare jam for sale and raise support for themselves when mangoes are in abundance.