Donation & Sponsorship

This Ministry is funded by donations from individuals, churches and organizations. We depend mainly on volunteers for our programs and projects. About 80% of our income goes into our programmes and projects.
We have been able to achieve all that we have done so far with little resources and some donations coming from some individuals and few churches. We do not have any group of people or an organization sponsoring us to do any program or project that we have done.
Owing to the scarce financial resources, we are not able to effectively achieve all our objectives and we need your support and donation to help us do more for these needy ones.
It is our desire to educate and train more widows and orphans with skills to do some things that can improve their living conditions and help set up some of them who have no work doing after the training. We often do these training with little resources and therefore unable to give anything to them to go and try their hands on.

We need sponsorship and donations in the areas listed below:

  1. Sponsor or donate to help us organize our "Annual Widows and Orphans Get-together and Christmas Party" in December this year. All widows and orphans look forward to this program.
  2. Sponsor or donate to help us organize a skill training project which will train the women to do things that will give them extra money to support the family and give jobs to those who have no work to do.
  3. Donate a vehicle to facilitate the effectiveness of mobilisation and visitation of widows in their communities and collection of things from donors and distribution of donated items to the widows and orphans in the various communities.
  4. Donate gifts in cash or kind to feed and cloth widows and orphans in need and the Lord will bless you. In-kind such as good clothing and shoes, food (provisions), toileteries, etc.

Become A Partner You can donate to GCM regularly such as monthly, quarterly or yearly to be used in sponsoring any of our projects and programmes to help these people.

You can also be a volunteer in helping us with our skill training projects and programmes. Touch–A–Life (Sponsorship) Sponsor an orphan through his or her education:

  • 6 – 12 through elementary education
  • 13 – 18 through secondary education
  • 19 – 23 through tertiary education

These are orphans or fatherless children who need your donation to keep them in school. The next generation of future leaders lies in your giving.
Sponsor a widow or a mature orphan to learn a vocation to be independent financially and improve their living condition. Advocacy Program - Radio Broadcast Sponsor to enable us run the advocacy programme through the media and also publish pamplets to educate the people on issues relating to widows and orphans.

We speak for widows, defend, counsel, encourage and educate them as well as educate the general public on the following issues:

  • How relatives of the deceased must treat widows and orphans.
  • Know what to do when a woman become a widow unexpectedly.
  • What men must do to secure their wives and children before they drop dead unexpectedly.
  • Some important things that the general public need to know about them.
  • Addressing issues like widowhood rites, etc.

To sponsor, please contact us through our telephone numbers, postal addresses or via e-mail.