General Breakfast Meetings

General Breakfast meetings are organized for all the various widows groups to come together as one for various purposes.

At these breakfast meetings, we meet their spiritual needs by creating the atmosphere for fellowship with God, studying the Word of God as well as encouraging them to put their trust in God to receive inspiration to forge ahead in life. We pray for those with problems and spiritual needs.

We also meet their social needs at these Breakfast meetings, as we encourage, motivate, educate and counsel them and create an environment for interactions and socialization.

  On these occasions, we address the moral and social issues that positively or negatively affect the development and the well-being of widows and orphans. Examples of these issues include HIV/AIDS pandemic, single-parenting, the need to fight for their legal rights, peer pressure, etc.

Often we organize some skill training workshops at such times to equip them. In addition, we feed them and distribute to them some donated items including foodstuffs, shoes and clothing, etc.