Annual Widows and Orphans Get-together & Christmas Party

GCM has been organizing this program in December every year since 2002. We do this program yearly because some widows and their fatherless children become sorrowful during Christmas time as they are not able to buy dresses, shoes and some food items for themselves for the occasion.

To meet this need, we organize the party to feed and encourage them as well as supply them with gifts such as clothing, shoes, toiletries, eggs, rice, and anything donated to us.

We use the occasion to preach the word of God to draw them closer to God and encourage them to put their trust in God. We also educate and counsel them on social and moral matters as well as health issues. Topics such as peer pressure; single parenting, STDS and HIV/AIDS pandemic are addressed. It is a time for intereactions and socialization among the widows and orphans. It put smiles on their faces and joy in their hearts.

2016 Christmas Party
2015 Christmas Party
2014 Christmas Party
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2009 Christmas Party